Friday, September 28, 2012

hello...anybody home??...

so you know it's been a while when you sit on the sofa for a long while pondering "what in the world my blogger password is"...i feel i have almost reached the point of no return as it has been MONTHS since my last post, nevertheless, i come to you with my head down, asking forgiveness and bringing a peace offering of...BABY PICTURES! and a promise that i won't let it be so long for my next post. well, i honestly don't even know where to has been amazingly wonderful...motherhood/parenthood has been way better than anyone could tell you. i realize that's what everyone says, and alas, it's true. nothing beats it! i can't even remember when my last post was, but i do know it was pre-baby...boy, where to even start. i will get you caught up on the birth story of my little precious girl. but maybe not today. stay tuned...for now i will show you pictures. our little vivienne elizabeth williams was born march 16,2012 at 6:23pm weighing 7lbs 3oz and 20" long. she is the happiest baby, nearly always smiling, squealing and laughing. she adores strolling the streets of New York staring at the leaves on the trees, petting her sister Roxy, taking family naps together in bed on our weekend, riding the bus and the train all over the city, smiling at random strangers. she has this amazing gift of bringing joy to everyone she encounters. she smiles at EVERYONE to the point that you can't not return the smile. it blows me away to see the impact this little 6 month old has already had on this earth. i'm so grateful to be her mom and watch her as she grows so lovely. try as i might to keep this blog as design focused as possible, i think it's safe to say she might creep her way into some posts from time to time. ok, enough talk about her, it's time for me to show her off!
i promise to return soon... xoxo PS:sorry for the long,long paragraph. blogger has changed it's setup since i've last been on here and it's not publishing the different paragraphs as i have written them. hopefully i will figure this out soon. :)