Friday, March 29, 2013

{Fashion's all in the details}

maybe it's a sign that i've lived in new york too long, but over the last few years i've become the person who loves a basic outfit...give me some black, white, grey, or denim and i am happy.
this could easily look boring or un-styled, but it's truly all in the details. whether your black pants are leather, you add a few extra rings or layer a couple necklaces together, throw on a leapord print flat or maybe a fur vest and you've instantly saved your outfit from being boring. 

take these girls for example:

this basic outfit stays interesting with black leather
 pants and a low back tuxedo blazer

a classic white suit gets a fresh playful update with a comfy tee and sneaks
full of basic pieces, but when put together this look is full of style
coated denim
you can never go wrong when adding a leather jacket to your outfit
leather jacket and tee
ashley olsen | leather jacket
throw on a leopard shoe and colored scarf and you're set
Mixing Prints.
even your basic jeans and tee can be anything but basic and still oh so comfy
Love this look from Sincerely, Jules.

*i can also tell i've been in nyc too long when
 every outfit i'm drawn to has black in it*


Thursday, March 28, 2013

{Meet The Brit}

i had the pleasure of creating a HUGE piece of art as a surprise for my
 bestie in kc from her hubs as her housewarming gift.

 how sweet is that of him to do?!

i must say it turned out to be my favorite piece yet. 
mr. w and i both were sorta sad to see it go. 
but i truly couldn't think of a better home for it to be in.

it's always so thrilling to see a piece i've created hanging 
in someone's home. i love being a part of making someone's house feel 
more homey to them, after all, isn't that so much of what art is?

meet "the brit".
she's big, bold, very feminine but with a masculine edge to her,
 soft yet sharp, structured yet free...

they recently bought their first house and are in the process 
of turning into a gorgeous home. they have completely gutted it, 
knocked out walls, opened it up, and filled it with such amazing finishes. 

i got to see it a week before they moved in when we were in kc.
 i must say, it made me ever so inspired to get the
 chance to reno my own place someday.

i cannot wait to see pictures of the rest of their home once they are fully moved in.
it's going to be gorgeous!!!

to check out any of my other pieces visit my etsy shop HERE 
if you are interested in a commission simply email me at
and we can work that out! 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

{Vacation 2013 Part I}

the month of march was spent off the radar in the williams household.
no work, all play...
we keep teasing that viv will always come to expect her birthday month to be spent this way. 
although that most likely will not be the case in the future, i could think of no better way to ring in her first year than with a month spent together just as family. it has been pure perfection.

the first part of the month was spent sunbathing, frolicking in the sand, ordering drinks at the swim up bar (viv's favorite were the banana daiquiris) eating, and most of all, relaxing, in the dominican republic. 

no schedule, 
no worries,
 no agenda,
 no stress...

here's a few a lot of my favorite pictures from our trip.

*disclaimer: i'm not good at narrowing down which pictures to add. there are quite a few!*

{partying the night away at the hippest club on the resort}

{enjoying some poolside snacks}

{taking a break from the sun, playing in our cabana}


{brekky time}

{aren't they both just the cutest?} 

{only a new york babe could be passed out while
standing out on the tarmac with planes taking off!}

dominican republic, you were too good to us...


Saturday, March 23, 2013

{words of inspiration}

there's nothing quite like a little time away to bring a refreshing new perspective to life. sometimes i feel you can't see what it is you really want until you take a step back and look at your situation with new eyes...

more to come on that...
until then...

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing