Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Few More Pics...

Here's a few more pictures from our wonderful day of baby gender reveal adventures...

Ps: Please don't look too close, I knew I should've put some makeup on that morning!

Xoxo Hannah

Outfit of the Day

I love the simple, casualness of this outfit. Every piece has it's own bit of character... I'm looking to recreate this in a pregnant fashion :)

Source: None via Esha on Pinterest

Xoxo Hannah

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kitchen Bliss

Once again I'm drawn to the crisp white kitchens! This is beautiful with the amazing barstools, bright green accents, industrial light fixture, and scuffed up flooring. I love the character those pieces help bring to balance out the modern white cabinetry.

Xoxo Hannah

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wonderful Words

I just told Kyle yesterday that our daughter will have the best example of what kind of man to marry because she will get to watch her Daddy be so amazing to her Mommy for her entire life...

Paper Chandelier

Simple to make.

What's not to love?

And who says this is just for party time? I'm thinking this could even be so cute in a little girl's bedroom!

Xoxo Hannah

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What a Week!!!

This has been one eventful week! We had our 20 week sonogram and found out the sex of the baby!!!!! And to top off all the excitement, I felt the baby fluttering around for the first time this morning!!!!!

Soooooo....... We're having a GIRL!!!!!

Kyle's dad and stepmom happened to plan a visit over this weekend and it worked out perfectly that it was the same day we were having our sonogram. We went Monday to the hospital and got to watch our Little Miss for a good thirty minutes while the technician got all the little measurements of our perfect little one! Everything looks great and she (I'm still getting used to saying that instead of it!) is developing right on track! She's right at 10 ounces and about 6 1/2 inches long from head to booty! We got lots of great pics of her, however, she was being a bit stubborn and wouldn't let the tech get the right angles to measure her heart, so we get to go back next week and do another sonogram! :)

We wanted to find a more fun way to find out if we were having a girl or a boy, so we decided to have the tech right down what we were having and seal it in an envelope.
We then took it down to Babycakes, my favorite bakery which happens to also have the perfect name for this particular occasion, in a super fun silver BMW Kyle rented for a few hours to surprise me. He wanted to make every aspect of the day special and I thought it was so sweet, and a ton of fun to cruise around NYC in a fun car! We had the girl at the shop open the envelope and ice some cupcakes pink or blue, whichever fit the bill, and wrap them up so we wouldn't be tempted to peek! The girl at the shop was so excited to get to do this for us! It was pretty sweet how into it she got!

So cute how the girl at the shop wrote this on the cupcake box :)

We then cruised back home and set up the computer to Skype my parents in. I wanted to share the special moment with them too. (Thank God for technology!) Once we got it all set up, we counted to three and opened the lid, to find PINK cupcakes!!!!!! AHHH! A little girl!!!! We were both a bit shocked as EVERYONE thought we were having a boy! But oh so excited! It definitely makes it seem much more real for some reason, now that we know that we have a Little Miss on the way. And now to start planning the nursery and getting to register and SHOP!!!! :)

(Getting the computer all set up)

Now it's back on the name hunt. We had several names picked for a boy but only had one that we are liking for a girl. However, we aren't 100% about it... Hmmm, looks like we might be spending some time in Barnes and Noble's cafe, thumbing through some books!

It's so crazy to think we are halfway through our pregnancy now! Only 20 weeks to go and we will get to meet her!!!

Here's her precious little profile. Look at that little button nose!

Here's a full side body shot. Her little legs curled up are oh so cute!

And a little tiny foot! Ps: We counted, she has ten fingers and ten toes!

Thanks to Pops and Grandma Susan, she has a super cute little hippie outfit, already a trendy little gal :)

Then, this morning as I was laying on my tummy (for probably one of the last few times that I should) I could feel her wiggling all around! It was the first time I've felt her, and even though it wasn't an actual "kick" I could feel, it was definitely her! I think she was trying to tell me good morning. :)

Xoxo Hannah Williams

Retro Outfit Inspiration

I've probably already stated this several times by now, but I'm such a 70's fan... I just adore the clothing, the hair, everything!

These pants are too cute for words! I'm loving this whole look actually. Just throw in a fitted navy blazer for fall, and I've found myself a new outfit! Too bad the pants can only be in my dreams for the next few months as my belly grows bigger and bigger... there's always next year.

Are you a fan of the 70's? Or does seeing all the wide leg pants make you cringe?

Xoxo Hannah

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Double Trouble

Ok, I'll admit. I'm really not sure WHICH Olsen twin this is, but I do know I LOVE her awesome apricot haircolor! This is a great alternative to going dark for the fall, especially for women who are normally blonde and don't want to commit to a drastic change.

Hmm, once again, not sure which she is, but loving her hair again! And the earrings, Tshirt, necklace, and well, just the whole style of this shot!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DIY: Tree Branch Table

I've finally brought back my DIY section! I feel like I'm maybe taking a turn and coming back around to the world of regularly blogging! YAY!!!

I've always loved having a piece or two of natural unfinished wood around, something a little rustic and roughed up to balance out the more polished, glamourous pieces that may be in the space.

I love the look of this simple side table. And love even more how easy it is to make!

Ok, so the directions ARE in another language (which I don't read!) but it the pictures sort of give it away...Find a box, Paint it, Get your glue-gunning on!

NOt only does this DIY project look easy peasy, it would be so affordable too! Especially when you have parents who live on a massive farm out in the boonies like me, sticks everywhere!...

*images courtesy of*

Happy DIYing!

Xoxo Hannah

Friday, October 14, 2011

Taken Over To the Dark Side

Even though we won't be moving now until the end of February, I can't stop thinking about how I'll go about decorating a new space! I have been dreaming of painting walls dark, like really dark, maybe even black! Obviously this will depend on what the new space looks like, hopefully it'll be nice and bright and have lots of sun exposure, so my dreams can be reality! I'm thinking our bedroom walls, or maybe even just the wall our bed is on, or an office area, oh or maybe even the baby room! I could let myself get VERY carried away with this!
I just feel that a dark wall is clearly a very bold choice, but also can be oh so chic and sophisticated when executed properly. I like the thought of a dark dark wall with furniture that is unfinished, rough and a tad rugged. Maybe an old worn dresser or vintage bed frame, ideally with a little French inspiration to it...ah! I'm getting so excited!

Here are a few photos of inspiration, although honestly none of these are QUITE what I'm thinking in my head...

I love the dark walls with the cognac colored leather sofa, gorgeous!

I love the depth and lightness adding yards of light fabric brings to this space

I definitely think in order to pull this look off you need to keep the rest of the space light and bright with light colored fabrics and decor in order to prevent closing up the space visually.

What are your thoughts on the concept? Do you like stepping outside if the "beige box" or is black, charcoal, or navy a bit too out there for you?

xoxo Hannah

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Belly Updates

Ok, I figured since I just got back from the gym and I'm wearing the good ol' green gym tank, I had better take pictures for week 19!

Here they are!

Roxy still isn't quite sure what is going on with her Mom, but she can definitely tell something is changing! She is always right next to me, or on top of me when she has the option. It's so cute!

This Monday we will find out if we are having a little Princess or a little Cowboy. I will let you know Monday night!

Xoxo Hannah