Friday, December 28, 2012

{Coloring in my Kitchen?}

i don't know if it's the fact that it's gotten so cold outside
(which means i'm spending more time inside)
 or that we just renewed our lease
(which means we'll be here for at least another year)
but lately i've been itching to make some changes to the apartment.

 i can't keep our home looking the same for too long before i'm ready to change it up again.

what i'm pondering right now is what to do to spruce up our "typical" renters kitchen.

here's what it looks like now:
(excuse the photo quality, just snapped these on my phone really quickly)

(nothin' too special, but it works)

i'm really debating between two different inspiration photos right now.

#1: i LOVE the chalkboard wall combined
with the white cabinetry and bronzey gold pendant in this first look
Chalkboard Wall
i've been drooling over the dark chalkboard wall+white cabinetry+great hardware combo
 for quite a while now.
not only do i love the look of the chalkboard wall,
but my mommy self is thinking it could account
for hours of fun for the little one once she's old enough.

now, our cabinets go to the ceiling, so i won't be able to add the decor up top
(total bummer :( i like how that looks)
and our counter tops are a lighter speckled granite,
so we won't have the same effect as the dark counters do here.

i'd love to add a hanging pendant too if we could figure out a way.
our ceilings are concrete and we aren't allowed to drill into them,
so anything hung from the ceiling has to be done in a creative way..
if you have any advice on this issue, i'd love to hear it!!
(none of our bedrooms/living room have overhead lights,
so this problem is pretty annoying!)
i'm also not sure if i'd paint just the far wall and leave the rest white,
 or go all out and paint them all...

#2: i love the personal, inviting feel this homemade photo wall creates
(as you can see from my kitchen pictures above,
 i already threw a few photos up the other day that i had lying around)

this second inspiration comes from natalie
 and her cute lil nyc apartment over on natthefatrat.
(sidenote: i love her blog!)
i love the idea of creating a one-of-a-kind
personalized "wallpaper" out of our photos.
i don't think i'd add the animal head being that we
already have a purple moose head hanging in viv's nursery.
(definitely don't wanna go all "hunter's lodge" vibe)
(although i guess a most hunter's lodges probably don't have a purple moose head!)

ok, so this is where i'm a little hung up regarding this look:
i hate clutter...
like despise it with a passion...
so as much as i loveee the whole 'photo wallpaper'
i'm just not sure if it's going to make me feel like it is just visually cluttered,
especially being that our kitchen is pretty small to begin with.

but on the flip side, because i don't like clutter (i might be borderline ocd about clutter)
i don't ever keep picture frames around with photos,
 so to have a designated area that i could have all my pictures up
(especially ones of the family to help viv learn all her family members names)
(and to put pics up of my precious lil one, but that's just a given)
would be simply wonderful.

i have thought that i could possibly do the chalkboard walls in
 the kitchen and then create a photo frame such as this one:

photo board

 or this one:

love this idea

 to put up next to the desk for all the prints i want to have on display...
decisions, decisions...

i also would like to switch out the hardware on the
cabinets and drawers to help freshen up the space as best we can.
the hardware would depend on which look we go with.

i need your help!!!
 what do you think i should do??
chalkboard paint?
 if so, just the main wall or all of them?
no paint and make a photo wall??
sheesh, this is such a tough decision for me for some reason..

your feedback is much appreciated!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

{and then she met santa}

today we finally ventured out to meet santa. now that we are parents, i have the best excuse for fulfilling all my crazy holiday agendas by pretending that viv would feel like she has missed out on something if she didn't participate in all the traditional holiday festivities. like she would somehow know at her nine months of life that she didn't experience going to see santa for her first christmas. honestly it was just a great reason for mr. w and i to venture to a different neighborhood all bundled up in the bitter cold and wind to do something new. 
{waiting patiently in line}

we woke up early to get our cold little tushies down to abc home, hoping to beat the crowds...we weren't so lucky with that, however, having a nice hot starbucks helped fight off the cold winds as we anxiously (ok ok, as i anxiously) awaited our first visit with santa! once inside, you felt like you were in a magical land filled with all things aesthetically pleasing, and the most jolly looking santa i've ever seen! we got viv out of all her winter gear and ready for her first meeting with the man dressed in red...i wasn't sure how she'd do..she's never once acted scared or nervous when someone knew was around, however, i didn't want this to be the moment for firsts...
{the chaos of parents and crying and/or excited kids}
{this dude was legit}
{saying hello}
{posing for the paparazzi aka: daddy}
{proud mama}
as usual, she was her angel self, sat right on his lap, smiled big, and took the handmade lollipop he has for her as if she knew it was just what she was supposed to do! we'll see if it goes over so well next year when she's a bit more leery of strangers, and funny looking men dressed in long red robes!
{showing daddy her lollipop}
{checking out the pretty tree}

{only flying once is unacceptable,
 must fly several times a day}
after our santa photo-op success, we meandered the store that has easily become by favorite store for anything design related. it's the most beautiful store i've ever been in. everything from the big chandeliers overhead way down to the tiny little trinkets this store is filled to the brim with amazing treasures waiting to find a home.

we stopped in abc kitchen for a little brunch before mr. w headed off to work and viv and i finished up getting our last gift for the mr. as i walked with my babe strapped to me, quietly singing her sweet christmas songs while she nodded off into naptime bliss, a few random snowflakes began to fall.
{naptime on mommy}
 i couldn't help but to feel so blessed in moments like these. they are simple times, not consisting of anything extravagant or extraordinary on their own, however, when strung together they make up the days that bring magic to not only the christmas season, but also to the amazing adventure we call parenthood. i couldn't be more thankful for my little family, living in this wonderful city full of endless opportunities, getting the joy of doing life together...


**excuse the plethora of photos, editing down is not my forte'...believe it or not, i actually did cut out several, it was tough, but i did it..

Friday, December 21, 2012

{Holiday Tablescape Decor}

here's a few inspirational photos for a beautifully scaped christmas table this season:

beautifully festive and traditional red and green, 
this look is texturally balanced by blending the silver and glass with the natural elements, such as the faux wooden candle, the greenery, poinsettias, and holly berries..

this table oozes elegance, but all the glow from the candlelight helps keep it warm and inviting, not too stuffy. the trick here is to mix your candle sizes: blending columns, votives, and tapers to have all different heights. layering your decor over a mirrored "table runner" creates added glamour and reflects even more candlelight, making instant ambience. an added bonus: everyone looks good in candlelight! 
adding in some bouquets of flowers soften this look even more by adding a much needed natural element.

a light neutral color palette, pine cones, a few sprigs of garland clippings,
some tealights in antique jars, and a few linen table runners
 create a table that begs for hours of chatting with
 a big mug of hot cocoa after christmas dinner
Organic tablescape

if you're brave enough to host your christmas dinner outside this year,
what a beautiful way to do it! rustic, elegant, inviting, add a firepit for warmth and i'd be at this get-together in a heartbeat.

what theme will you do for your christmas table this year?


Thursday, December 20, 2012

{Festive Fashion}

i can still remember my first visit to a zara store..

we were in miami heading to turks and caicos for vacation and mr. w wanted to take me to his favorite store from when he had lived there a few years prior.

let's just say it was love at first sight. the only thing that kept me from buying everything that i could cram into my suitcase was the fact that we were moving to nyc directly after our vacation and i knew nyc had loads and loads of zara stores. my love affair with this store has only grown deeper since. i always find a 'must-have' any time i go. 

these would be my go to looks if i had a festive holiday party to attend this winter. 
{all courtesy of zara, where else? :)}
i'm very into pants this season, can ya tell?
i find it way to cold to be running around the city with bare legs..
and i like being comfy..
i'm getting way too practical in my old age..
(but at least comfort can look good with these looks)

{obsessed with this look!}


{nothing says festive better than some sparkly sequins}

{LOVE the faux leather on this look}

now, if only i had somewhere fancy to be...

what's your go-to holiday style?


Friday, December 14, 2012

{Prayers for Connecticut}

i'm sitting here in front of the tv with such sorrow in my heart. i can't even imagine what these parents in connecticut are feeling...
 as a new mom, the pain these parents are enduring hits closer to home for me. i can't even fathom if that had been my little one at that school today.

say a prayer for these families 
and give your little one extra snuggles tonight before you put them to bed

{Etsy's Cozy Christmas Goods}

loving all the cozy christmas goods i found over at etsy tonight...

Set of 20 // CHRISTMAS CARDS // Ready to Ship
{gorgeous christmas cards}

Christmas Candle - Nordic Hearth Soy candle. Handmade scented container candle eco gift for home decor.- Holiday Decor.
Birch Bark Candle Holders Rustic Home Decor Christmas Gift READY TO SHIP
{for those of us with no fireplace}
Merry Christmas Burlap Banner  / Christmas Photography Prop / Mantel Decor
SALE:  Vintage Red and White Embroidered Tablecloth and 6 Napkin Set Christmas
{reminds me of my grandmother's christmas tablecloth}

i'm thinking any of these would make great last minute gift ideas...

candle holders//braggingbags


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stretch It Out...

lately i've been soooo tight it's not even funny...
carrying around a nearly 20 pounder all the time will do that to a gal, i guess.

i just did this yoga stretching sequence and had to pass it was that good.
 i was planning on telling you my favorite poses but that would be every one of these! it felt so good and seriously only took a couple minutes. i have to keep this up on a more regular basis.

try this yoga routine in the morning to open up & get ready for the day.

if you'd like to follow the step-by-step guide head on over to 
mindbodygreen to check it out.

happy stretching and enjoy your day!


Monday, December 10, 2012

{Faux} Wainscoting


i know i've been on this type of subject of painting lately but once i get an idea in my head, it's hard to shake..

i love the look of these painted on wainscotings. it's so chic and much more affordable and easier than the real deal, too. all you have to buy is paint, no molding necessary!

the chair rail molding on this look helps divide the two paint colors, creating a beautifully polished look
Painting Below the Chair Rail


look how fresh this room looks with its bright yellow paint!

steps to retreat. soft yellow. paint faux wanescot. receding door.

what are your thoughts on this look? 
would you do it in your home??


**on a very special side note,
viv was featured as the photo of the day on spearmintbaby!
head on over to check it out for yourself!**

Monday, December 3, 2012

Romantic Charm

there's something so appealing to me about an old room filled with architectural romantic..
i love when it's mixed with modern, updated furnishings. 
or even the other way around, a modern space architecturally, with vintage, character filled furnishings.

see what i mean?..

Modern and classic
{and the minnie, brilliant. every room needs a touch of whimsy and fun!}

black and white
{always love a good contrast of colors}

{i die for that mantle!}

Old world gorgeous.
{perfectly imperfect: shoes, stacks of mags, couple lit candles, helps to make this not feel too stuffy}

Eames: Santo Mauro - Madrid
{are you kidding me?? look at that molding!..}

A 19th-Century Town House
{seriously drooling...}

do you like this look as much as i do??