Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{fashion inspiration}

flare jeans + leather jacket

flared jeans + leather biker jacket + black clutch + classic stilettos = outfit inspiration!

lovin' this look


Monday, October 29, 2012

pumpkin scones for sandy

whelp, here i sit, the babes is napping, mr. w is off at work keeping hungry stranded hotel guests' bellies full, the news is on in the background reporting the ever present hurricane sandy on her way to demolish all she can. feeling the need to be prepared for the storm i felt it a must to hunker down and bake something fallish while i still had the oven power to my advantage. i mixed my ingredients in a frenzy, hoping the power would last in time for my favorite pumpkin scones to bake fully. alas, they are baked, cooled off and coated in their glaze...
we are now officially ready for sandy to strike.

this recipe is from my all time favie breakfast spot in the city, alicesteacup. it is the ultimate place for a girly brunch. my favorite thing to order is most definitely the pumpkin scones with a pot of chocolate chai tea...ah, simply divine..

i strongly recommend you making these to enjoy this fall. and if you are a pumpkin fan like myself, your welcome...i can nearly guarantee these will quickly become a high priority on your fall baking list.

alice's pumpkin scones:


3 cups flour
1/3 c sugar
1/2 t baking soda
2 1/2 t baking powder
3/4 t salt
1/4 c ginger
1/4 c cinnamon
1 1/2 sticks butter cut into 1/2" pieces
1 1/4 c buttermilk
1 c pumpkin puree (not pie filling)
2 T pure vanilla extract

caramel glaze

1 c butter
1 c packed brown sugar
1/2 t lemon juice
1/4 t salt
1/2 c heavy cream


1) preheat oven to 425

2) combine all dry ingredients in large mixing bowl

3) work butter thru dry mixture with hands until consistency is that of fine breadcrumbs

4) make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and pour remaining ingredients into well. combine ingredients with hands until mixture is wet, but don't knead!

5) this is where you're supposed to pat out the dough on your counter and cut out 3" disks. however, that makes way too much clean up for my liking, so i always spoon equal sized amounts onto my baking sheets and call it a day..the choice is up to you. 

6) bake the scones for about 12 minutes. let cool about 20 minutes before glazing.

7) while the scones are cooling is glaze making time! simply place butter, sugar, lemon juice and salt in saucepan over medium heat and whisk gently until the mixture is smooth. just as the mixture comes to a light boil, add the cream and reduce heat to low. whisk well for 2 minutes, or until glaze is thickened and smooth, then remove pan from heat.

8) to glaze the scones, simply hold one from the bottom, dip the top in the caramel glaze, and place it back on the baking sheet (that part of the directions always makes me laugh!) who are we kidding?! 'immediately inhale' is more like it...

now that i have my plate of scones, a jug of milk, all i need is my man back at my side and we can face this storm like prepared new yorkers!

bon appetit!


***just wanted to share a quick tip! i never have buttermilk on hand and inevitably always need it while viv is sleeping, leaving me apartment-locked. i always use this amazing and easy buttermilk replacement. simply pour the same amount of your normal milk needed for your recipe along with a small splash of vinegar into a bowl and allow to set for about 5 minutes. it's as simple as that...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Flipping Fashion part 2...

remember the other day when i told you how i cleaned out my closet and put some great pieces up on threadflip to sell?

welp, i found a few more items! 

you can check out the new pieces in my threadflip closet here
and if you still have yet to join, you can do that here

let me know what you think! 
and as always, follow my closet and i'll follow ya back!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ABsolutely awesome

happy humpday ya'll! today is actually my 'sunday' with mr. w and my viv girly so sorry for the short post, but i wanted to stop by and share what i'll be doing today for my ab exercise. 
we all know jillian michaels has a chiseled torso, so who better to take some ab advice from?

check out her routine over at women's health magazine, and how about you do it with me?!

i might not be able to move tomorrow, but no pain no gain, right?

stay tuned...


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

colorful art

i would never stop drawing...

I would never stop being artistic.
although my compulsive need to have things put back in their place might drive me to insanity with this, it would be well worth it. 

this is a great example of using what you have to create a beautiful work of art, while using it to make a work of art...vicious cycle in the best way possible... ;)


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flipping Fashion

i have been trying my hardest recently to not hold on to things that i am no longer using. for starters, who in nyc has the space to hold on to things "just because"? i can tell you right now, not me, that's for sure! sooo being that my closet has turned itself into one big fat disaster zone (seriously, how does that happen so quickly? its like a clothes tornado hit or something...) i figured that it was probably a sign that i have too much stuff and it's time to get rid of some things. in the city, its always a safe bet that if you stick your no longer wanted goods out on the sidewalk, they'll be taken faster than an unchained bike (sad, i know, makes me so sad for the poor bike owner whenever i see a lonely tire chained to a pole as the only remains of what was once, i'm sure, a pretty decent ride)

but sometimes i say to myself "self, isn't there an easy way i could sell some of this stuff to have some spare cash to, yet again, fill my closet with new things?" (vicious cycle, this whole fashion loving thing is...)

i've never had good luck attempting the whole ebay thing, garage sales don't exist here, and the thought of selling clothes on craigslist seems...well, frankly, scary . 

buuuuut....much to my delight, i found this website called threadflip!
threadflip's whole vision couldn't fit more perfectly with what i have been wanting to achieve:

"Threadflip is pioneering a new social shopping experience by offering women a simple way to convert their closets into a dynamic boutique-like experience, connecting buyers with sellers, and capturing the collaborative energy of shopping with friends. We hope to revolutionize the world of online shopping by providing a new way to discover, buy and sell fashion" 

so, wanna know exactly how it works? here ya go!

"Threadflip is a social marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering new, unique, and pre-loved fashion. With a few clicks, users can upload images of pieces straight from their closet, and sell clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry they no longer wear, creating a treasure trove of thousands of new pieces every day."

sounds like fun, right? 

I've decided to part with a few goodies, including thisthis, these, and these
 you can check out my entire threadflip closet here
and if you're new to threadflip, you can join here

and if you do, follow my closet, that way i can follow you back.
 you might just have that perfect pair of booties i've been looking all over for!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

swingin' away

i'm such a fan of incorporating the unexpected in your designs. well, not many people think to have a swing in their living room, so i would say that definitely qualifies as the unexpected!

{via pinterest}
(those beams just beg for a swing, don't they?!)

A trapeze in the living room.
{via marthastewart}

(now that looks like fun!)
indoor hammock. yes please!
{via mycakies}
so all the indoor swings got me thinkin'...
viv is just like her mommy and loves to swing. i spent countless hours as a child swingin' to my heart's content.
being that we don't have our own outdoor space here in the city, i think this would be awesome to hang in viv's room...

Kids swing DIY.  Oh I love this!  So cute!
this could easily be the cutest thing i've seen all day...

i love doing things in an unexpected way, so why not hang a swing inside?


*baby swings available for purchase at swingz.com.au*
(photos courtesy of swings.com.au)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

beautiful books

weather like this makes me want to curl up on the sofa with a mug of cocoa and a good book...

these shelves filled with books are so inviting. i love a beautifully arranged bookshelf. it's a wonderful opportunity to not just store your books, but to also show off some of your favorite treasures. 

Tenka Gammelgaard wall of shelves
{via emmasdesignblog}

{via isuwannee}

amazing bookshelf
{via wherethesidewalkbegins}
staggered floating shelves
{via pinterest}
{via cococozy}
{via dosfamily}

Beautiful books and gorgeous herringbone floor.
{via pinterest}

i believe a thoughtfully laid out bookshelf can transform a room, bringing depth, visual texture, and a unique piece of 'art' to the space.


Monday, October 15, 2012

etsy shop of the day: birdhouse jewelry

while at the brooklyn flea market the other day (more to come on that fabulousness that is the brooklyn flea) i stopped at amy lapierre's, of birdhouse jewelry, wonderful booth and simply fell in love. she had such beautiful pieces of jewelry that were, much to my delight, actually affordable! i've been looking for the perfect 'v' pendant necklace for a while now and i found it here! 
i would have to say my favorite part about my new necklace is the fact the the length is adjustable...that's right, there are three different lengths i can wear this bad boy depending on the collar of my shirt. i love that! 

here are a few of my favorite items she has on her site right now:

Birdhouse Jewelry- Gold/Silver 5 Oval Necklace
{love this simple understated necklace}

Birdhouse Jewelry- Colored Leather and Gold Bracelet
{these were gorgeous in person. they reflected the light beautifully}
Birdhouse Jewelry - Gold Saddle Ring
{love a good statement ring}

{love my v necklace! i wear it everyday}

she has some gorgeous pieces that i'm sure to put on my wishlist for any upcoming holidays *hint, hint mr. williams* ;)

make sure to check out all her shop has to offer here

what is your favorite piece she has? 
which item do you want to add to your holiday wishlist?


Saturday, October 13, 2012

happy weekend

after working this am, my day will hopefully consist of 


{can't get enough of this book}

plus some of this

plus a whole lotta this
{seriously? can't get 'nuff of her}

happy weekend

Friday, October 12, 2012

party plannin'

{via oh happy day}
even though viv's birthday is not for 5 more months 
(and by no means does this mama wish her baby to be a year old already)
(is it normal that i already feel she's growing too fast?)
(if only there was a freeze button on life, why hasn't this been invented yet?)
anywho...although i don't want to wish her birthday to be here yet, i can't help but ponder what we will do for her party! like...what decorations we will do, if the weather is nice we could even have it at the park, color theme, hmmm... the wheels in my head are a turnin'!

when i came across this tutorial over at oh happy day i immediately thought this would be so cute to have as part of the decor! if the weather cooperates, i'd even love to hang them in some trees at the park and have her party there...

{via oh happy day}
Materials Needed: Folds of Crepe Paper (buy the good stuff here or the cheap stuff here) , Scissors, Tape
Step 1:  Cut the roll of crepe paper in half (you may need a box cutter for this)
Step 2: Take the roll of crepe paper and with another person’s help, have each person stand at an end and pull until most of the stretch from the paper has been removed. (To speed up the process you can do these two at a time.)
Step 2: Fold the paper together.
Step 3:  Begin cutting fringe halfway through the fold, leaving some space in the middle.
Step 4: Turn the fold over and finish cutting the opposite side of fringe. Be sure to not cut all the way through.
Step 5: Attach one side to the ceiling and let the other side fall to the ground. Twist the bottom to create twists in the crepe paper. And you are done!

{via oh happy day}

isn't this just the cutest? it'd even be sweet in a baby girl nursery, hanging above the crib or dresser...hmm, i just might have to try this!

what about you? what were your favorite birthday party themes/decor? as an adult or kid...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

outfit inspiration: downtown chic

i love the depth and interest that all the different textures bring to this all black outfit...

{via toryburch}


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the ever chic novogratz...

Our collection from @CB2! We're so proud of it all.
{via pinterest}

last night was a night from a dream for me. you see, the other day on our way to work, viv and i stopped in cb2 to check out the new line the novogratz collaborated with cb2 to design. while there we saw this sign...

{the window display at cb2}
{the dining chair, and a rug from their new collection, as well as their newest book}

you see, the novogratz have been my favorite design team since i first discovered them a few years back. mr. w and i have been faithful viewers of their show (home by novogratz on hgtv) ever since. this nyc couple have perfected the art of blending modern and vintage, chic and eclectic, always adding something unexpected and fun to their designs. i love that none of their spaces are matchy-matchy. if ever i were able to work with any designers to create a space, it would be them.

can you tell how excited viv was? :)
{we had them sign our book to vivenne. major offered to sign it too, but since he can't spell his name yet, he drew her a picture. too cute :)}
i admire them not only for their fantastic design skills, but also for their amazing sense of family. you see, they have 7 kids! let me rephrase that, they have 7 well behaved, kind, respectful, beautiful children. we got to spend a little time with them last night as they all loved little viv, (who can blame them, she's pretty much the talk of the town, ya know :) ) all taking turns holding her and playing with her. major (the youngest novogratz) even bashfully planted a kiss on her! although who can blame him, that face just begs to be smooched!

{twins bellamy and tallulah novogratz}

{right after he went in for the smooch :)}

it's really wonderful to see a family in this crazy city who is living out their dreams, having fun doing it and who still values and loves family time. a rare occurrence in this city.

{love this}

{viv wanted this light}

here are some of my favorite looks they've created:

Novogratz Family Rug
{sprawled on their family rug for cb2 via pinterest}

Novogratz kitchen
{my all-time favorite kitchen via housetohome}

A Novogratz family kitchen. From the book "Downtown Chic."
{my second favorite kitchen ever via japanesetrash}

Lobby of the Bungalow, a boutique hotel.
{lobby of the bungalow boutique hotel via japanesetrash}

{love the mix of fun colors and prints and unique pieces of furniture via pinterest}

{adore this girls room, so feminine but not kiddish. both via shed home}

the novogratz design blog.
{simple entry with eye catching pieces via pinterest}

{family lightboxes for cb2 via thenovogratz}

{how's about this ground level trampoline? how cool is that?! via debsphotographs}

{brilliant way to display photos without having tons of frames sitting everywhere via thenovogratz}

{striped stairs? why not? via hgtv}

thanks to the novogratz, i have gotten so many great ideas and realized my passion to someday buy a home that we can renovate to make our own modern eclectic  style. until then, i will simply continue reinventing our little apartment, making inspiration boards and dreaming of the homes to come, together as family...