Saturday, December 11, 2010

Creative Headboard Ideas

For whatever reason, many of us don't have headboards for our beds. Whether it's because you've never found "the right one" or have never wanted to spend the money for one, there are some budget friendly alternatives that aren't like your cookie cutter headboard.
Here are a few ideas I hope will tickle your fancy!

*Tapestry Headboards: Any type of hanging material- whether it be a floor rug, blanket/quilt or even a large swatch of fabric or curtain- can be used as a simple and affordable "faux" headboard. You can easily attach it to the wall by using a curtain rod.

(Apartment Therapy)

*Another option which would work well for a temporary space or an apartment could be removable wall decal in the form of a headboard. These are a fun, funky way to create a headboard in your space. I found these at and they are super affordable, ranging from $40-$55 each!

*Two more very creative, but potentially more pricy options that I'm loving are the idea of creating a headboard out of either an old fireplace mantle or some old doors. The scale could get a little more tricky with these options but the end result is worth the bit of extra effort and money.
(Can I just say that I LOVE this mantle headboard!)

Happy Headboard Hunting!

xoxo Hannah

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  1. I LOVE wall decals. Never thought about the headboard decal though...what a great idea!