Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Find of the Day

Today's Find of the Day comes courtesy of Etsy. I adore these upcycled paper wreaths made by Lana Manis of Simple Joys Paperie. Lana found a way of making a living out of her love of books, and I'm loving them too! The beauty of these wreaths is that they're filled with words from old books, giving them layers and layers of texture, content and meaning.
"I don’t destroy perfectly good books as a rule, and use books that are falling apart, have pages missing, or are damaged in one way or another.". I love the way these old books are being brought back to life in a whole new way to bring a smile to your day.

I think these could make an awesome unique hostess gift for all those holiday parties you'll be attending this season!

Check out all of her work at http://www.simplejoyspaperie.etsy.com/
xoxo Hannah

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