Monday, January 17, 2011

Healthy Bliss

Ok, I realize I have narrowed down my blog to being about design, fashion, and beauty, but how can you have the energy for all those things without a healthy lifestyle to start out with?! As most of you know, I love healthy living! I try my best to workout on a consistent basis to keep my body strong and challenged, and I really enjoy cooking and eating healthfully. That being said, I stumbled upon this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G blog/website last night in my search for a healthy baked donut recipe to surprise Mr. Williams with when he got home from work last night. (Donuts are some of his favie late night snacks!)

Angela Liddon created Oh She to help encourage and inspire others to join her in her quest for a healthier more balanced life. She has over 300 recipes on her blog, mostly all vegan, and they look so fantastic! I did try the donut recipe, which didn't turn out sp well, but only by a malfunction of my oven, the batter tasted amazing tho! I also made the pumpkin butter and it is fantastic! I had it on my whole grain toast this morning!

She has definitely accomplish what she set out to in inspiring others to cook and live a healthy lifestyle! My motivation is back on to be healthy and happy! I even am going to make a flavorful healthy winter meal for me and the Mr. tomorrow night, Rosemary chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts!

Happy Healthy Eating!

xoxo Hannah

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