Wednesday, January 5, 2011

House Tours: Jimmie Karlsson

Jimmie Karlsson is one of the geniuses behind the design firm Jimmie Martin, who I featured a few days ago. His London flat is an amazing mix of graffiti inspired wallpaper, eclectic design, and one of a kind pieces mix to make one truly inspiring space. He developed a passion for upcycling during his childhood; often spending his pocket money in auction houses and junk shops, which prepared him for having plenty of tricks up his sleeve once he had a place of his own to decorate!

'It's a mix of baroque hunting lodge, with skulls, hides and ornate pieces, and there's a slight military feel with the trunks and spears,' Jimmie says. It's definitely this "anything goes" attitude that helps to create the comfortable, easy feel of his home.

Jimmie's own wallpaper from his design company was stretched on boards as a backdrop in the dining room.

The carpet was torn out, leaving unsanded floorboards." I wanted that bleached, driftwood feel," says Jimmie."I don’t like things to be too perfect."

The revamped mirror takes on a completely new mood in vibrant neon colors.

Jimmie loves to blend the ornate with the simple, the antique with the modern. Junk-shop finds and personal treasures give the space an intimate feel. The black sculpture, for example, is three stools that Jimmie bought on eBay and stapled together.

The beautiful French sofa, purchased at an auction, was reupholstered in black velvet and the frame refinished in gold paint.

Jimmie loves finding pieces at junk shops and auctions, pieces filled with soul and character that no one else has in their homes.

To create some inexpensive and unique art for his staircase landing, Jimmie painted lyrics to a Swedish song across a white bed sheet, then stretched it across an old door found out a junk shop.

Jimmie reupholstered this antique bed and painted the Union Jack design directly onto the fabric. He then added definition to the frame with silver leaf.

Using a bold color in the transformation process of making old furniture new again creates a uber-stylish focal point in the room. Adding the large mirror on top the dresser helps to open up the room as well.

Check out LIving for the entire interview and more photos

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