Friday, January 28, 2011

I've Got the Blues...

I have recently been falling in love with the concept of colored doors! There's a brownstone I walk by every night on my way home that has a bright apple green door and it always makes me smile! They seem very San Francisco and/or European, and I LOVE that!

These spunky blue doors are what I'm loving today!

What do you think? If you were to paint your exterior door, what color would you pick?!

xoxo Hannah


  1. I love these doors. I had a friend that went to Ireland last summer and she now has a whole photo library of Irish doors. They are so charming.

  2. “I have recently been falling in love with the concept of colored doors!” - Me too! Colored doors are fun to look at. I see lots of beautiful colored doors on the web, and they look lovely! And your choices look good too! That mint green door is splendid!

  3. I’m really fascinated with the first photo. The door and the building itself have an exemplary design, but the color made the place look modern. The blue color gave it a vibrant vibe but the sophistication still remained. It’s very pleasant to look at!

  4. Using a bright or light shade of color for a front door is really common these days. Well, I guess, people are now more open to try different ideas. Some may find it a bit odd at first, but after they get used to the idea, they’ll probably love it!