Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wall of Plates

I love this look! Even though in my own house I prefer a more modern look, I think this is such a great way to display some cool china, or anything for that matter. This reminds me of Mr. Williams' grandparents house. Their kitchen wall used to be covered in all sorts of knick-knacks (not quite so stylish and organized, but whatever!) :), from kitchen spatulas and tools to all kinds of old trinkets. So this post goes out to you, Granny and G! You could use your own plates to achieve this look or go to your local weekend flea market or antique store and you can always find awesome antique plates full of character and charm! Also, as they did here, you can use only one or two colors of plates to keep the feel a little more clean and streamlined, or find some with all different colors, patterns, or prints.

xoxo Hannah

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  1. What a great way to take a large (empty) wall. I am like you, it isn't exactly my own style, but in the right place I would love it.