Sunday, February 20, 2011

Backyard Oasis

Lately I've been dreaming of all things that come with 'home ownership'. I think what I'm dreaming of most these days is to have an amazing back yard where me and the hubs can enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset, Roxy can run free, and we could throw some killer parties...*sigh*... I also want the warm weather that comes with these dreams I have!

Someday we will have our own patch of green again!

How about you? What plans do you have for your lawn this Spring? Any planting or parties planned? Or even a planting party?! :)

xoxo Hannah


  1.'ve got the right idea. I am so ready for lazy summer evenings.

  2. Hey probably already know about this blog, but I wanted to share it just in case. It is all about NYC.