Thursday, March 3, 2011

DIY: Beautiful Easy Vases

What an adorable way to ring in Spring?! (Are you starting to notice a theme to all my recent posts?!) I'm CRAVING all things Spring!!!

After finding some bottles with great shape and detail, remove the labels, clean the inside and let them dry out completely.

Next, pour a good size dollop of paint into the bottom of the bottle. The color options here are endless. This set is monochromatic, but a few contrasting pieces would be just as lovely.

With the paint in the bottle, you will have to slowly rotate the bottle to get the paint to coat the entire interior of the bottle. This might require two coats. (Acrylic paint will work for this as it will adhere to the glass, but note that you shouldn't fill the bottle with water later.)

Let it dry thoroughly before you add flowers and enjoy!

xoxo Hannah

*courtesy of apartmenttherapy

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