Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nursery Inspiration

Although I'm still no where near being ready to join the Motherhood club (I always have to preface these types of posts with this warning!) The designer in me can't help but think of what I'll do for someday nurseries! I definitely gravitate towards keeping the nursery from looking too "baby-like", i.e. pastels, 'baby' colors, baby signage, etc...
For a boy's room, I love keeping things simple and fairly grown up feeling. I love the yellow and white stripes in this nursery from Jenna Lyon of J. Crew. I adore the strong, dark masculine furniture as well. And I love how the white crib helps to keep the balance in the room.

And how light, fresh, and open is this adorable baby room?! Even though the color palette is much lighter, it still doesn't feel like the typical baby boy room, which I love that about this room! Again, so simple, basic, but very calm and welcoming little nursery. I'm loving the rug, and again the stripes add a great amount of depth and detail to this simple room.

What about you? What is your dream nursery style? And if you have kids, what'd you do for their nurseries?

xoxo Hannah

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