Saturday, April 30, 2011

Painted Heaven?

Lately I've been seeing so many photos of painted, stenciled, and typography filled staircases. I think this is such a fantastic opportunity to add personality and style to such an overlooked part of the home. What are your thoughts? Is this something you would consider for your own home? Which look is your favorite?!? :)

I adore this one!

How fun to write the words to your favorite song down your stairs? You best make sure you truly love the song, it'd always be stuck in your head!! hehe! :)

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

(Ok, maybe I'm cheating on this one! I think it's carpet. But it could be painted!)

And how can this one not make you smile?

Here is a more subtle way to brighten up your staircase without being too overwhelming.

Some random numbers and favorite welcoming words lend an eclectic feel.

Simply numbering the stairs going up is a great way to keep things classic but still different than normal.

Even a great wallpaper print can be used to freshen up your staircase.

(bottom four photos courtesy of Calico and Co. blog)

I can't even pick a favorite, I love them all! If I had a staircase I would just change them out all the time! I mean, it's just paint, right?! :)

xoxo Hannah

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  1. Wow. I was wondering what the heck we would do with the staircase we're about to build (adding a second story). You just inspired me! But which style to choose?