Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taken Over To the Dark Side

I'm normally more of a white kitchen kind of gal, but these pictures may have taken me over to the dark side!

This one took my breath away!

This one makes me think of a modern Hawaii style kitchen with that style of wood.

What originally got my mind thinking this way was this weekend, I went to do hair for a new client at her apartment, and I actually gasp aloud (before realizing it!) at how much I L-O-V-E-D her apartment! Someday I will ask her if I can take some photos to share with you! But her kitchen made me have a mental love affair on my white kitchen dreams! She had these amazing tall charcoal gray lacquered cabinets with a light white and gray specked marble counter top, an awesome vintage chandelier and great little pops of red in her countertop appliances!!! I was in design heaven! (I did explain
that my gasp was due to loving her apartment, I didn't want to scare my new client!)
The thing that really made her dark cabinets work well, was that they were balanced out visually with the light colored counters and her apartment had all white walls, as well as tons of sunlight pouring in!

This realization has made me feel the need to reconsider how badly I've always wanted a white kitchen! That must mean that I will just have to move several times in my life to achieve all my design desires!! Hmmm, so much to ponder today! ;)

xoxo Hannah

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