Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A New Addition...

No, I'm not talking about a new piece of furniture or artwork, and not even talking about a new puppy, this addition has legs, but just not four of them.....

That's right... We're having a BABY!!!!!!

We couldn't be more excited!!!

I'm 11 weeks and this has been the hardest secret to keep! (Honestly, I haven't been that great at keeping it, pretty much everyone else knows except you! But don't worry, you've joined the club now)
I have thankfully been feeling really great, not sick at all, just super tired ALL THE TIME! Which explains my serious lack of posting on the blog as of late. (Sorry)
We have had so much fun already watching the little rascal get bigger and bigger every time we go to the doctor. Two weeks ago it was just this little blob:

and now you can actually see it's little arms and legs and fingers and toes! I just can't get over how much it has grown and developed in two short weeks! It makes me so excited for our next visit in a month, I know we'll be blown away!
'It' was moving all around and wiggling all over the place! Kyle said his mom always told him he was the most active baby when she was pregnant so we might be in for a baby just like Daddy! Thankfully NYC has lots of great parks to run around in!! :)

So here we go! Our little family of three is rapidly becoming a family of four! (That's right, Roxy IS included in the head count! She is our firstborn after all!)

Xoxo Hannah

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  1. Awesome sonogram picture! The "baby" is actually looking like a real little person! Such a miracle. God chose this little boy or girl for you and Kyle to love and to show the true source of Love, Jesus Christ.
    Prayers surround you and your family. We love you!
    mom and Tom