Sunday, September 25, 2011

Belly Updates!

Ok, I realize it is fairly pathetic that my design blog has somehow seemed to morph into a pregnancy/baby blog, but what can I say, not much has been inspiring me lately on the design front due to the mental distractions I have going on as of late! So for all you design junkies, I sincerely apologize!

With that being said, I have a few new pictures to share! As I uploaded these a few minutes ago, I saw my belly pictures from the day after we found out, it's already a wee bit depressing how skinny I seemed compared to now! I will only continue to grow, but hopefully will be back to that thin tight belly soon after!

I feel like the difference between this week and last week is the most growth/change in one week so far! Kyle is so cute and every day can't get over how much the baby is growing, rubbing my belly and talking to our little one telling it how much he already loves it. It's amazing to me that already our little rascal can hear voices and even see some light change if I'm somewhere really bright! Speaking of 'it', we have 21 days left until we find out the babies sex!!!! I will post what we will be having as soon as we find out!

The ones in my trusty green workout tank are from today, 16 weeks and 3 days.

Had to sneak a little Roxy pic in there, snuggling with her Daddy. She is our first born, ya know!

And these are from last week, right at 15 weeks. I think the muffin in the background definitely attributed to the belly growth between 15 and 16 weeks! :)

Thankfully all my clothes are still fitting just fine, so even though the belly is starting to grow, especially in this last week, I haven't had to go buy anything yet. I'm hoping to get away with just a few pairs of maternity jeans, and not anything else maternity. I'd much rather sport some cute loose flowy sweaters and ponchos that are so in this season so I can wear them next winter too.

xoxo Hannah


  1. Aw I miss you so much. I can't even imagine how happy you are right now. That belly is such a blessing. xoxo

  2. Hannah, your belly is beautiful!

  3. Lovin' your blog.

    I must say, all that talk at blow and here you are...pregnant :)! That being said, I still cannot believe it!