Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY Advice

So I'm contemplating making a duvet cover for our bedroom comforter. I have always loved the pin tucked duvet from West Elm, and then stumbled upon this cover at Anthropologie that I love too. I actually found tutorials for how to make both of them! Now just to decide which one to make! That's where you guys come in! Which do you like better? I do think I'll make mine either crisp white or an off-white/cream color. There's something so relaxing and 'spa-like' to me about a white bed set. :)

Here's the pin tuck duvet cover. The first is the West Elm one, the second is the DIY version.

And here's the Anthropologie cover, with the DIY version.

(I am thinking this one might look better in a cream color, and maybe with a few more pills to create more wrinkles)

Which gets your vote?

Xoxo Hannah

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