Sunday, February 5, 2012

36 Weeks!

Wow! Has it really been that long since I last posted?! Time has flown by and life has been pretty busy around here lately.

Let's see....well, there was Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's in Times Square, our trip to KC for some wonderful baby showers and much needed time spent with family and friends, then on a mad search for a 2 bedroom apartment! We found one , got all the crazy information they require in NYC to apply for a lease and got it! We worked on painting our new bedroom last week and will move in this Tuesday and Wednesday. Now that we have our place I can focus on ordering and assembling our crib, getting all the last minute things put together for her nursery! And it might be a good idea to get a bag packed for the hospital considering I've been experiencing Braxton Hicks for the last few weeks! I told you life has been a bit crazy lately! Oh, and I forgot to mention I was fighting bronchitis for about two weeks in there too, always fun. :)

Besides the bronchitis I've been very very blessed to have such an easy pregnancy! I've not been nauseous at all, had plenty of energy, been able to work just like normal, and have had no problems with all the standing and walking that living in this city requires.

Our little girly is most definitely a mover and a shaker! She never stops wiggling all around. She especially loves when her Daddy gets home from work and she hears his voice. She goes nuts! And she always loves to feel him "hold" her. It's pretty overwhelming how much we both already love her so much and we haven't even gotten to meet her yet! Kyle is so excited to meet her, he keeps saying he wants her to just come now. I find that so so sweet, but I WOULD like to get a few more things checked off our To Do list before she makes her arrival. :)

Here's a few pictures of the belly!

These first two are from Thanksgiving:

This is from the first week of January:

These are from today, in week 36!

The countdown is officially on!

Xoxo Hannah


  1. You are adorable, you and Kyle will be great parents!

  2. Wishing you both the VERY best! Such sweet words...xo