Monday, October 15, 2012

etsy shop of the day: birdhouse jewelry

while at the brooklyn flea market the other day (more to come on that fabulousness that is the brooklyn flea) i stopped at amy lapierre's, of birdhouse jewelry, wonderful booth and simply fell in love. she had such beautiful pieces of jewelry that were, much to my delight, actually affordable! i've been looking for the perfect 'v' pendant necklace for a while now and i found it here! 
i would have to say my favorite part about my new necklace is the fact the the length is adjustable...that's right, there are three different lengths i can wear this bad boy depending on the collar of my shirt. i love that! 

here are a few of my favorite items she has on her site right now:

Birdhouse Jewelry- Gold/Silver 5 Oval Necklace
{love this simple understated necklace}

Birdhouse Jewelry- Colored Leather and Gold Bracelet
{these were gorgeous in person. they reflected the light beautifully}
Birdhouse Jewelry - Gold Saddle Ring
{love a good statement ring}

{love my v necklace! i wear it everyday}

she has some gorgeous pieces that i'm sure to put on my wishlist for any upcoming holidays *hint, hint mr. williams* ;)

make sure to check out all her shop has to offer here

what is your favorite piece she has? 
which item do you want to add to your holiday wishlist?


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  1. Love the "V"! Do you ever watch the show "Up all Night" with Christina Applegate? She wears her daughters initial and ever since I saw that I've wanted to do that if we had a girl! Guess now I should be looking for an "E"!