Friday, October 12, 2012

party plannin'

{via oh happy day}
even though viv's birthday is not for 5 more months 
(and by no means does this mama wish her baby to be a year old already)
(is it normal that i already feel she's growing too fast?)
(if only there was a freeze button on life, why hasn't this been invented yet?)
anywho...although i don't want to wish her birthday to be here yet, i can't help but ponder what we will do for her party! like...what decorations we will do, if the weather is nice we could even have it at the park, color theme, hmmm... the wheels in my head are a turnin'!

when i came across this tutorial over at oh happy day i immediately thought this would be so cute to have as part of the decor! if the weather cooperates, i'd even love to hang them in some trees at the park and have her party there...

{via oh happy day}
Materials Needed: Folds of Crepe Paper (buy the good stuff here or the cheap stuff here) , Scissors, Tape
Step 1:  Cut the roll of crepe paper in half (you may need a box cutter for this)
Step 2: Take the roll of crepe paper and with another person’s help, have each person stand at an end and pull until most of the stretch from the paper has been removed. (To speed up the process you can do these two at a time.)
Step 2: Fold the paper together.
Step 3:  Begin cutting fringe halfway through the fold, leaving some space in the middle.
Step 4: Turn the fold over and finish cutting the opposite side of fringe. Be sure to not cut all the way through.
Step 5: Attach one side to the ceiling and let the other side fall to the ground. Twist the bottom to create twists in the crepe paper. And you are done!

{via oh happy day}

isn't this just the cutest? it'd even be sweet in a baby girl nursery, hanging above the crib or dresser...hmm, i just might have to try this!

what about you? what were your favorite birthday party themes/decor? as an adult or kid...


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