Thursday, October 18, 2012

swingin' away

i'm such a fan of incorporating the unexpected in your designs. well, not many people think to have a swing in their living room, so i would say that definitely qualifies as the unexpected!

{via pinterest}
(those beams just beg for a swing, don't they?!)

A trapeze in the living room.
{via marthastewart}

(now that looks like fun!)
indoor hammock. yes please!
{via mycakies}
so all the indoor swings got me thinkin'...
viv is just like her mommy and loves to swing. i spent countless hours as a child swingin' to my heart's content.
being that we don't have our own outdoor space here in the city, i think this would be awesome to hang in viv's room...

Kids swing DIY.  Oh I love this!  So cute!
this could easily be the cutest thing i've seen all day...

i love doing things in an unexpected way, so why not hang a swing inside?


*baby swings available for purchase at*
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