Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the ever chic novogratz...

Our collection from @CB2! We're so proud of it all.
{via pinterest}

last night was a night from a dream for me. you see, the other day on our way to work, viv and i stopped in cb2 to check out the new line the novogratz collaborated with cb2 to design. while there we saw this sign...

{the window display at cb2}
{the dining chair, and a rug from their new collection, as well as their newest book}

you see, the novogratz have been my favorite design team since i first discovered them a few years back. mr. w and i have been faithful viewers of their show (home by novogratz on hgtv) ever since. this nyc couple have perfected the art of blending modern and vintage, chic and eclectic, always adding something unexpected and fun to their designs. i love that none of their spaces are matchy-matchy. if ever i were able to work with any designers to create a space, it would be them.

can you tell how excited viv was? :)
{we had them sign our book to vivenne. major offered to sign it too, but since he can't spell his name yet, he drew her a picture. too cute :)}
i admire them not only for their fantastic design skills, but also for their amazing sense of family. you see, they have 7 kids! let me rephrase that, they have 7 well behaved, kind, respectful, beautiful children. we got to spend a little time with them last night as they all loved little viv, (who can blame them, she's pretty much the talk of the town, ya know :) ) all taking turns holding her and playing with her. major (the youngest novogratz) even bashfully planted a kiss on her! although who can blame him, that face just begs to be smooched!

{twins bellamy and tallulah novogratz}

{right after he went in for the smooch :)}

it's really wonderful to see a family in this crazy city who is living out their dreams, having fun doing it and who still values and loves family time. a rare occurrence in this city.

{love this}

{viv wanted this light}

here are some of my favorite looks they've created:

Novogratz Family Rug
{sprawled on their family rug for cb2 via pinterest}

Novogratz kitchen
{my all-time favorite kitchen via housetohome}

A Novogratz family kitchen. From the book "Downtown Chic."
{my second favorite kitchen ever via japanesetrash}

Lobby of the Bungalow, a boutique hotel.
{lobby of the bungalow boutique hotel via japanesetrash}

{love the mix of fun colors and prints and unique pieces of furniture via pinterest}

{adore this girls room, so feminine but not kiddish. both via shed home}

the novogratz design blog.
{simple entry with eye catching pieces via pinterest}

{family lightboxes for cb2 via thenovogratz}

{how's about this ground level trampoline? how cool is that?! via debsphotographs}

{brilliant way to display photos without having tons of frames sitting everywhere via thenovogratz}

{striped stairs? why not? via hgtv}

thanks to the novogratz, i have gotten so many great ideas and realized my passion to someday buy a home that we can renovate to make our own modern eclectic  style. until then, i will simply continue reinventing our little apartment, making inspiration boards and dreaming of the homes to come, together as family...



  1. Glad to see it was a great event! I got there too early and couldn't stay long enough for the book signing! Their designs for CB2 were awesome.

  2. So jealous!! I have always loved them! Girl, you're living the dream and looking fabulous while doing it! (btw...mama-hood is looking good on you!!)