Saturday, November 3, 2012

from the windows to the wall...

that always bring me back to the scene in the proposal where sandra bullock is dancing in the woods with betty white, haha!... :)

anywho, this girl is a huge fan of massive windows. windows that take over entire walls, windows that are also doors, anything...

one of the biggest selling points for me with our current apartment was that viv's room has a big wall of windows.
in my someday home we will have some form of magnificent windows, preferably ones that have some fantastic way of opening to bring the outside in

1958 Leeds Residence | Joseph Johnson | Photo: Julius Shulman


this one is just beyond to me...i'm obssessed..

A Contemporary Connecticut Poolhouse by SPaN Architects :


Indoor outdoor

are you kidding me?!?! this is amazing...
love love love this

modern architecture with rooftop gardens

windows? walls? doors? whatever..they're amazing
windows? walls? doors? whatever they're considered, they're amazing!

glass garage door in the kitchen? this is on the top of my wish list for my someday home


what is your take on this look? do you have a favie?


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