Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Inspiration in Store..

back in the day...ok, it was just like a year and a half ago, but it seems like ages, when i would walk home from Blow (the salon i used to work at) i always intentionally made sure this store, yumi kim, was on my route home. on the frigid winter nights, the bright cheeriness of this store somehow made the rest of the walk seem a bit less frigid. funny how good design can do that..

not only are the clothes here so gorgeous and strike that perfect summertime beach lounging in Cannes note, the actual store design is simply gorgeous. it's a perfect balance of fun, elegant, yet you don't feel like you aren't allowed to sit down on the furniture, or put a fingerprint on the glass tables. 

see what i mean?...

{check out the fun felt back on that chair! and the peacock wallpaper is so gorgeous in real life}

{love all the colors and layers of beautiful things}
{adore how bright and cheery this store is}
{check out that wallpaper! so pretty}

i wish i had a better picture of the peacock's sorta what i was thinking HERE with the bird stencil...

if you fancy her clothes, you can check them out HERE

and if you live in the 'hood, you can stop by her store at 76th and 3rd ave.


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