Thursday, November 15, 2012

{kitchen bliss}

you know you just took the best nap evaaa when you wake up not knowing what day it is, you look at the time on your phone and see its 5:52 and think that means you have about thirty eight more minutes before your babes will wake for her morning feeding...
and then your brain wakes enough from its haze to remember you were just taking a nap, so it must be 5:52pm, but if that's the case, where did you put the babe?...
ahh, gotta love those moments of deliria (i think i just made up a word. ya know, it's sorta like deliriousness, but i didn't know if that was an actual word either..) caused by the occasional afternoon nap!

alas, now i am fully awake, refreshed and functional!
(oh, and don't worry, viv was napping during this whole debacle too)


how's about these gorgeous kitchens? 
lovin' the modern yet inviting vibe they have..
Modern industrial kitchen | Kitchen planning ideas | Livingetc
White kitchen with vaulted roof | kitchen design | Ideal Home | Housetohome
Modern pale-wood kitchen | Modern kitchen ideas | Beautiful Kitchens
Sleek Kitchen-diner | Kitchen-diner designs | Footstool | Livingetc | Housetohome
Stylish mirrored kitchen space | Modern kitchen ideas | Homes & Gardens

hope you're having a great night..


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