Friday, November 30, 2012

Vivienne is 8 months old!

Viv turned eight months a bit over a week ago, however, I'm shockingly terrible about recording her monthly info and keeping track of all the sweet things she does. I can't imagine ever forgetting but know its bound to happen over time.
I thought if I check in monthly here, it will help keep me accountable.

I'm not sure her weight, as she doesn't go to the Dr till next month, but at 7 1/2 months she was 16 3/4lbs.

Still just her darling two bottom teeth that show when she smiles.

She's not crawling yet but has perfected the art of planking! She'll have her swim suit body soon if she keeps it up! Even tho she isn't crawling, she still manages to get all over the place! I am already finding I turn my head away for a second and she's hitting buttons on the DVD player or stuck under the couch with just her head peeking out. Rolling everywhere, scooting, streeeetching and grunting to barely get to the toy she really wants to play with. It's the cutest thing to watch her try with all her might to get to that desired toy..and even just to know she has a specific desired toy is so cute.
She also is the best at self entertaining. she loves to sit and play with her toys for hours on end. 

Cute sayings:
 she has yet to say 'real' words but is trying with all her might. She'll babble baby talk getting so so close to saying mama and dadda that every time by breathe catches in my chest as I ask myself, 'was that it??!' It's seriously so close that I have to wonder if she's really already said it and I've somehow missed it. She'll hold our mouths while we talk, inspecting what's happening, trying with furrowed brow to figure out how she can mimic what we're doing with our mouths.

Favorite foods:
my Viv has loved eating her homemade baby food so much! She'll eat an entire bowl (about 6.5 oz) of food as well as nurse before about three times a day. Some of her favie foods lately are butternut squash with turkey, zucchini and pears (she had that over thanksgiving); pumpkin mixed with yogurt and a tiny dash of cinnamon (her new favorite brekky). Her other feedings are just nursing. I love that time. If I were an actress and had to cry for a role, I would simply think about when I have to stop breastfeeding. I love that time with her..I love that she needs me..I love how she holds my face when she nurses and plays with my hair..ok, change of subject before I start tearing up.
Last weekend she enjoyed her first baby cookie! It was the stickiest, gummiest, bestest thing ever! She made a mess feeding herself, getting it all in her hair, stuck all over her clothes, and pretty much everywhere in the two foot was the best thing ever! And of course warranted a much needed bath!

Some of my favorite things from this month:

My darling Vivienne,

I love how you love to bounce up and down when you're happy. You'll be sitting playing with your toys and just bouncing away. I adore how you will cock your head to the side all coy and smile so big when you see us or we talk to you or you just want to play. It's like you're saying, 'hi mom!' When your face lights up and you thump your feet on your bed in the morning when I come in to get you it melts my heart. I love how you find your sister Roxy so amusing. you think she is just too funny. you giggle like crazy when you watch her play with her toys. I love your busyness. You are always wiggling, just like the whole time when I was pregnant. One of my favorite things you've just started to do is when you get tired at night you get slap happy. You love to play with me and grab my face in your hands and fake eat my nose...and you think its just so hilarious, you can't stop laughing! As for now, this is something you only do with me and I love that its our special thing. I don't even care that I'm covered in slobber when we're done playing...
You are a pure delight to me and daddy. Your joyful happy spirit motivates me to have the same. your smile already lights up the entire room (or bus or train, wherever we are people just love how happy you are) You bring joy to so many people's day that you don't even know with that smile.
I love you more than I imagined possible. I can't wait to watch you continue to grow and develop...


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