Thursday, December 20, 2012

{Festive Fashion}

i can still remember my first visit to a zara store..

we were in miami heading to turks and caicos for vacation and mr. w wanted to take me to his favorite store from when he had lived there a few years prior.

let's just say it was love at first sight. the only thing that kept me from buying everything that i could cram into my suitcase was the fact that we were moving to nyc directly after our vacation and i knew nyc had loads and loads of zara stores. my love affair with this store has only grown deeper since. i always find a 'must-have' any time i go. 

these would be my go to looks if i had a festive holiday party to attend this winter. 
{all courtesy of zara, where else? :)}
i'm very into pants this season, can ya tell?
i find it way to cold to be running around the city with bare legs..
and i like being comfy..
i'm getting way too practical in my old age..
(but at least comfort can look good with these looks)

{obsessed with this look!}


{nothing says festive better than some sparkly sequins}

{LOVE the faux leather on this look}

now, if only i had somewhere fancy to be...

what's your go-to holiday style?


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