Monday, December 3, 2012

Romantic Charm

there's something so appealing to me about an old room filled with architectural romantic..
i love when it's mixed with modern, updated furnishings. 
or even the other way around, a modern space architecturally, with vintage, character filled furnishings.

see what i mean?..

Modern and classic
{and the minnie, brilliant. every room needs a touch of whimsy and fun!}

black and white
{always love a good contrast of colors}

{i die for that mantle!}

Old world gorgeous.
{perfectly imperfect: shoes, stacks of mags, couple lit candles, helps to make this not feel too stuffy}

Eames: Santo Mauro - Madrid
{are you kidding me?? look at that molding!..}

A 19th-Century Town House
{seriously drooling...}

do you like this look as much as i do??



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