Saturday, February 23, 2013

{birthday wardrobe...some shopping required}

as any mother would be, i'm starting to plan out 
the very important parts of vivienne's first birthday party...
her outfit.
i'm thinking she will wear either her fur or leather fringe vest with a pair of pink or chartreuse neon leggings. but where i'm stumped is the shoes. i reeeeally want a pair of freshly picked moccassins for her. i've been a wee bit obssessed with them since i first saw them on little mason disick a few years back. 

seriously, so cute

the practical side of me has a very hard time spending a whopping $60 on a pair of shoes for my babe who doesn't even walk yet. although, now that she's getting very very close to being upwardly mobile, it's seeming a bit easier to justify to myself mr. w.

H's Freshly Picked! Thanks FP!

my main apprehension is whether or not they hold up well for a walking tot if there is no real sole on the bottom? any moms out there know from experience how they do? if they would hold up on the streets of nyc i feel they might be the perfect shoe for her early stages of walking this spring/summer rather than a sandal which i think would be much easier to trip in. 

ok, moms...
help a girl out, what have been your thoughts on the cutest moccasins known to mankind?



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