Sunday, March 24, 2013

{Vacation 2013 Part I}

the month of march was spent off the radar in the williams household.
no work, all play...
we keep teasing that viv will always come to expect her birthday month to be spent this way. 
although that most likely will not be the case in the future, i could think of no better way to ring in her first year than with a month spent together just as family. it has been pure perfection.

the first part of the month was spent sunbathing, frolicking in the sand, ordering drinks at the swim up bar (viv's favorite were the banana daiquiris) eating, and most of all, relaxing, in the dominican republic. 

no schedule, 
no worries,
 no agenda,
 no stress...

here's a few a lot of my favorite pictures from our trip.

*disclaimer: i'm not good at narrowing down which pictures to add. there are quite a few!*

{partying the night away at the hippest club on the resort}

{enjoying some poolside snacks}

{taking a break from the sun, playing in our cabana}


{brekky time}

{aren't they both just the cutest?} 

{only a new york babe could be passed out while
standing out on the tarmac with planes taking off!}

dominican republic, you were too good to us...


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