Friday, August 26, 2011

Belly Updates

Ok, so there really isn't too much to show yet being as I've only gained a whopping two pounds, but I've had some people asking how much my belly has grown, so I thought I'd post a few snapshots!

I randomly ended up having the same shirt on today as I did when I took my first pictures, so maybe I should wear it in all of my belly shots from here on out! Although it really is not the cutest, it is my favorite workout top though :)

So this is on my birthday, July 1. The day after we found out we were expecting. (I was about 5 weeks along)

And this is today, at 12 weeks! (Ok, I just realized it sort of looks like Roxy has her head in my butt! Obviously she does not!)

How about you? If you have had a baby or are pregnant, when did you feel like you really started to show?

xoxo Hannah


  1. Hannah! I am so happy for you and Kyle!!

  2. hannah banana baby!!!!!! you are SOOOOOO cute!!!!!!
    i love you!!!!

    <3 kaytee

  3. LOve the photos! I wish I would have taken monthly pictures of my belly. I have pics but not an organized timeline. It would be fun to flip through pictures of you wearing the same outfit and watch your belly grow! Can't wait to see the next one.