Friday, October 14, 2011

Taken Over To the Dark Side

Even though we won't be moving now until the end of February, I can't stop thinking about how I'll go about decorating a new space! I have been dreaming of painting walls dark, like really dark, maybe even black! Obviously this will depend on what the new space looks like, hopefully it'll be nice and bright and have lots of sun exposure, so my dreams can be reality! I'm thinking our bedroom walls, or maybe even just the wall our bed is on, or an office area, oh or maybe even the baby room! I could let myself get VERY carried away with this!
I just feel that a dark wall is clearly a very bold choice, but also can be oh so chic and sophisticated when executed properly. I like the thought of a dark dark wall with furniture that is unfinished, rough and a tad rugged. Maybe an old worn dresser or vintage bed frame, ideally with a little French inspiration to it...ah! I'm getting so excited!

Here are a few photos of inspiration, although honestly none of these are QUITE what I'm thinking in my head...

I love the dark walls with the cognac colored leather sofa, gorgeous!

I love the depth and lightness adding yards of light fabric brings to this space

I definitely think in order to pull this look off you need to keep the rest of the space light and bright with light colored fabrics and decor in order to prevent closing up the space visually.

What are your thoughts on the concept? Do you like stepping outside if the "beige box" or is black, charcoal, or navy a bit too out there for you?

xoxo Hannah

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