Saturday, October 15, 2011

DIY: Tree Branch Table

I've finally brought back my DIY section! I feel like I'm maybe taking a turn and coming back around to the world of regularly blogging! YAY!!!

I've always loved having a piece or two of natural unfinished wood around, something a little rustic and roughed up to balance out the more polished, glamourous pieces that may be in the space.

I love the look of this simple side table. And love even more how easy it is to make!

Ok, so the directions ARE in another language (which I don't read!) but it the pictures sort of give it away...Find a box, Paint it, Get your glue-gunning on!

NOt only does this DIY project look easy peasy, it would be so affordable too! Especially when you have parents who live on a massive farm out in the boonies like me, sticks everywhere!...

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Happy DIYing!

Xoxo Hannah

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  1. Nice one. The part where I would come unstuck is having the patience to cut up all those bits of wood nicely :p