Friday, October 5, 2012

martha, watch your back!

i know what you're thinking...two posts in one day!, no, this will not become a norm from me. there are very few things that justify my posting twice in one day, one of those things is definitely my talents little sister.
she has been working away for the last several months preparing for the oktoberfest craft show at the john knox pavilion this saturday. you see, faith is quite the little martha stewart...actually, martha better watch her back, because faith is definitely on the right track to take over what is the massive empire of martha stewart. even at 16 years old, faith is already the craftiest lil thing. anytime i see her (in person, picture, or via skype) she always has on some cute garment that she 'just made out of some fabric i had on hand'...but let me tell you, it never ever looks homemade! she blows me away with what she can make. thus the reason for my two posts in one day...if you will be in the lee's summit area (for all my hometown followers) i can guarantee you will be majorly upset if you miss out on her craft show! this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces for potential Christmas, birthday, or just for yourself {;)} prezzies! 
she can also take custom orders if there something particular that you had in mind. 
she has these darling handmade bags, hair clips, coffee cup sleeves, and such cute other things in all different prints, there's even different college prints for all you sports fans out there! i'm telling you, get your booties to this's going to be amazing!

so here's the scoop:

annabell's shop is the name of her business.
she's at the oktoberfest craft show in the john knox pavilion booth #69. it's today from 11am-7pm and tomorrow from 10am-6pm.

for any of you unable to make it to the show, here's the link to her etsy shop as well as her contact email for any questions or custom order requests.


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