Friday, October 5, 2012

etsy shop of the day

i'm doing my best to get back in the blogging swing of things! i'm bringing back my weekly etsy shop feature.

i've been on the hunt for the perfect pillows to replace ours on the sofas (once viv is past her spitting up faze, that is) and can't quite make a decision as to which direction i want to go with the look of them. 

i would GLADLY take any of this pillows from this shop tho! they are all simply breathtaking. i especially love that they use all vintage materials from east and central asia. not only do these materials make beautiful goods but it's also a wonderful way to upcycle old things, bringing new life to them. 

Material Recovery makes not only just pillows, but also beautiful throws, bedcovers, and textile accessories. my eye is drawn to the pillows tho. i had the hardest time narrowing down what my favies are, but here are a few of my picks... 

i'd love to see this sitting on my bed there such thing as a pillow fairy?

 what ones are your favies? would you like to have the pillow fairy leave any of these on your sofa/bed tonight?


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