Tuesday, October 2, 2012

mommy monday

bits of my day...

after viv's doctor appointment yesterday, we decided to head down to the union square greenmarket to pick out some delicious locally grown produce to make for dinner over "our weekend". i also make viv's food and wanted to stock up on produce for her. i love making all her food. i really enjoy preparing it for her and knowing what exactly is going into her little body. 

{we picked up some tomatoes, apples, a butternut squash, onions, organic whole grain bread, beets, and carrots.}

since one of my favorite design stores, abc carpet and home, is right around the corner from the market, we had to pop in to check out all the pretties... 

{can you tell i'm quite in love with chandeliers?}

{check out the cute vintage inspired kitchen ware we passed on our way to the market!}

{viv was peering all around, curious as can be.}

when we got home i started a cooking frenzy, making split pea and barley soup, vegan pumpkin chocolate cookies, and made viv a batch of carrots, beets and roasted butternut squash! yum!
{apparently this is what happens when you peel beets without gloves on...i've been scrubbing them all night and am nearly back to normal!}

didn't quite make a workout fit into the day, but i figure walking all over the city toting bags of groceries, my crazy heavy diaper bag and wearing my daughter in the carrier must account for some amount of calorie burn, right? it had to at least make up for the cookies i ate just now... ;) 

i truly cherish these days i get to spend running around a city i love with my fave gal pal by my side...or i guess technically strapped to my front...you get the picture... 



  1. Love everything about this post! Love the pics, love the pic of lil miss, love mommy mondays! Im going to need some tips on make baby food, I definitely want to do that!

    1. This makes me beam from ear to ear to see you so happy and enjoying being a wife and mommiehood! You are the best! :-) It is ALL about the little things....you got it girl! xo