Friday, November 23, 2012

Small Business Saturday

i hope you've all had a wonderful thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and of course, too much food. we enjoyed our holiday on tuesday with our church friends, wednesday together as a family, and yesterday viv and i went to celebrate with a friend and her family/friends while mr. w went in to work. we feel so blessed to have great friends to spend the holiday season with  since we aren't able to spend them with our family.

as you all know, today is black friday! 
(i am in dire need of diapers for viv but am quite terrified to even attempt going to target with a babe in tow...i'd be crazy for trying, right? maybe i need a little crazy in my life tho...we'll see)

well, we also all know about cyber monday as being the day you get all your online deals. but what about the new small business saturday??!! have you ever chosen to participate? helping create business for the mom and pop types.

i love this idea and have decided to join in on the fun from and will be offering 
10% off any of my paintings
this weekend only!!!
(this discount includes any commission orders placed this weekend)

i figured why wait until tomorrow, so the discount starts today and will end at midnight saturday.

just simply go to my etsy shop ReverbyHannah
and use the coupon code:


at checkout.

it's as easy as pie....oy, pie...i've definitely OD'd on pumpkin pie...
'tis the season tho!

wishing you happy hunting on all your shopping excursions this holiday weekend!


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