Saturday, December 22, 2012

{and then she met santa}

today we finally ventured out to meet santa. now that we are parents, i have the best excuse for fulfilling all my crazy holiday agendas by pretending that viv would feel like she has missed out on something if she didn't participate in all the traditional holiday festivities. like she would somehow know at her nine months of life that she didn't experience going to see santa for her first christmas. honestly it was just a great reason for mr. w and i to venture to a different neighborhood all bundled up in the bitter cold and wind to do something new. 
{waiting patiently in line}

we woke up early to get our cold little tushies down to abc home, hoping to beat the crowds...we weren't so lucky with that, however, having a nice hot starbucks helped fight off the cold winds as we anxiously (ok ok, as i anxiously) awaited our first visit with santa! once inside, you felt like you were in a magical land filled with all things aesthetically pleasing, and the most jolly looking santa i've ever seen! we got viv out of all her winter gear and ready for her first meeting with the man dressed in red...i wasn't sure how she'd do..she's never once acted scared or nervous when someone knew was around, however, i didn't want this to be the moment for firsts...
{the chaos of parents and crying and/or excited kids}
{this dude was legit}
{saying hello}
{posing for the paparazzi aka: daddy}
{proud mama}
as usual, she was her angel self, sat right on his lap, smiled big, and took the handmade lollipop he has for her as if she knew it was just what she was supposed to do! we'll see if it goes over so well next year when she's a bit more leery of strangers, and funny looking men dressed in long red robes!
{showing daddy her lollipop}
{checking out the pretty tree}

{only flying once is unacceptable,
 must fly several times a day}
after our santa photo-op success, we meandered the store that has easily become by favorite store for anything design related. it's the most beautiful store i've ever been in. everything from the big chandeliers overhead way down to the tiny little trinkets this store is filled to the brim with amazing treasures waiting to find a home.

we stopped in abc kitchen for a little brunch before mr. w headed off to work and viv and i finished up getting our last gift for the mr. as i walked with my babe strapped to me, quietly singing her sweet christmas songs while she nodded off into naptime bliss, a few random snowflakes began to fall.
{naptime on mommy}
 i couldn't help but to feel so blessed in moments like these. they are simple times, not consisting of anything extravagant or extraordinary on their own, however, when strung together they make up the days that bring magic to not only the christmas season, but also to the amazing adventure we call parenthood. i couldn't be more thankful for my little family, living in this wonderful city full of endless opportunities, getting the joy of doing life together...


**excuse the plethora of photos, editing down is not my forte'...believe it or not, i actually did cut out several, it was tough, but i did it..

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