Wednesday, January 2, 2013


happiest of new year's to you!!!!
i unintentionally took a few days hiatus over the holidays..
you know how that goes, the days seem to fly by this time of year.
but never fear, i'm back in the swing of things now!

how was your nye? i must admit..
being a mama now changes things up a bit. although mr. w is always working this night 
(mr. w is a chef. if ya didn't know, now ya know :) )
but i have always gone to a late dinner at his restaurant and waited for him to come out of the kitchen around 11:58pm so we can toast at midnight. the last few years we've run outside to toast at midnight, being that you can see the back of the times square ball drop from the front of the restaurant! it's always been fun to me. i've never been into the whole 'expensive party' 'get super dressed up in glitter and sequins and wear impossible to walk in heels' for nye. 
this year, however, viv and i worked all day, stayed at my last client's for her 'eh, whatever' nye party till about 10pm (she's not so into the typical get dressed up and go out nye too, obvs..) then headed home. viv was partying it up till about 11pm when she zonked out. i proceeded to watch the dick clark's nye special and fell asleep around w got off work around then and had to wait an hour for an open cab then realizing after a few blocks that his cabbie was drunk! buckled up and ready for an interesting ride, he finally was home around 2:30am. i dragged my groggy booty off the sofa and we had a toast. i lasted till about 4am before i crashed in bed, knowing i'd have to be up to feed the little one in about 2 1/2 how things have changed!

even though we weren't able to go out, we still did our best to celebrate at home..even if that meant being super tired the next day!

what was your nye like?
 did you get all dressed up and go out on the town??

whatever you did, i hope you had a fantastic time ushering in the new year!

cheers to 2013!
it's gonna be a good one, i know it!


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