Thursday, January 3, 2013

{orajel and ice cream}

it's 11pm and i'm finally making it around to the computer to check in with you guys. 
my hands smell like orajel and i'm eating some ben and jerry's...
ya, it's been one of those kinna days..

the babes is actively cutting her top two teeth thru and has had the hardest time going to sleep. it makes my heart heavy knowing my innocent little one is experiencing pain. i only wish there was a way i could take it for her. tonight was definitely a night to break all the rules and simply love on her, however she needed it. we stayed up two hours past her bedtime snuggling on the sofa with anything and everything that felt good to gnaw on, then bundled up in our fur hat and big blankey to go pick out the ben and jerry's that is now in my hands. she has always loved getting some fresh air anytime she's not felt well.
 i finally orajeled her up and geared myself up for another attempt to go to sleep. as i stood in her room, cuddled up with my sweet little one singing every disney princess song i could think of, i was feeling simply thankful...there's nothing like knowing there is a tiny little person that needs and trusts me so much, that when she feels bad and is in pain, all she wants is to be with have me hold sing to her as she mimics the tunes i'm making, holding my face as she slowly starts to drift off and i lay her down to peaceful sleep..


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