Thursday, January 17, 2013

{DIY: Operation Soft Shirt}

recently i've loved wearing mr. w's super comfy, worn-in tee shirt's with a blazer and some skinny pants. it's sorta become my go-to.. it's comfy, stylish, and so easy to move up and down and all around (a major wardrobe requirement for me as i'm a full time mom to a 9 month old on the move, and a hairstylist who has to be able to comfortably move my arms every which way.) i started doing this when i was preggers and refused to buy maternity shirts. 
well, mr. w is too nice to me to say it, but i'm sure he's getting tired of the tee shirt bandit swiping half his closet all the time. 
i decided it was high time i start investing in my own tee collection. 
i started by picking up a pack of basic white men's hanes tees the other day. only problem is, even though they are the exact same shirt i always steal from the mr., it just wasn't the same. it didn't feel soft, and cozy, and definitely didn't feel

after a little searching online i found out i could brine my tees, much as you would a chicken.
(not that i've ever done that)
this was supposed to help soften and age it, as if it were your favorite vintage t shirt!
just what i was looking for!

it couldn't have been more simple:


so that's just what i did.

{i just eye-balled the measurements.
 also, i used warm water to help the salt dissolve}

{make sure your tees are completely saturated}

{hide your concoction somewhere your crawling explorer won't find it}

after it's 3 day soak, i rinsed my tees in cold water, then just added them to my normal load of laundry. they came out super soft and comfy, as if i had been wearing them for ages...
which i now will...

cost of this diy:

pack of 3 tees: $14
salt: already had
water: free

total cost: about $4.50 a tee

i would have to call this diy a success.
it couldn't have been easier and i love the outcome!


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