Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Salad}

hi guys!
it's been a wee bit crazy in my casa here lately as the whole family seems to be sick...ugh.

i wanted to stop in though and share one of my favorite easy recipes. 
if you follow me on instagram you probably saw me post a quick pick of my dinner the other night before viv and i gobbled it up..

my original thought was to make my own healthier version of the chipotle chicken burrito bowl.

most weeks i try to have either a roast chicken or grilled turkey breast or some other lean protein cooked as well as some quinoa and veggies to have myself set up to make healthy decisions when it comes time to throw a meal together. (i never plan out my dinners as mr. w works nights and is never home to share dinner with. it's hard to be motivated to cook for just yourself)

this is the easiest recipe ever.
{courtesy of my new chalkboard wall}
it seriously takes about two minutes to throw it together.
i don't ever measure anything so all the measurements are a 'guess-tamation', feel free to change them according to your taste preference. this is for one serving, you can adapt for feeding more people


quinoa (about a cup)
few handfuls of black beans
juice from 1/3 lime
1 tablespoon sliced red onion
one palmful chopped cilantro
 8 grape tomatoes, halved
1/4 cup corn
palmful of black olives, halved
1/2 chicken breast, shredded
salt, to taste
1/2 avocado
dollop of fat free sour cream

optional ingredients:
tortilla chips for dipping

ok, couple things, i don't like cheese, that's why it's listed as an optional.
 i know i'm crazy..
also, i like fat free sour cream because i'd rather get my fats from healthy fats from the avocado.

simply mix all ingredients together minus the sour cream and avocado.
top with sliced avocado and a dollop of sour cream (if you prefer) and enjoy!


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