Sunday, January 6, 2013


the other morning i was headed to a client's downtown and my packed, 'morning rush hour' train ended up getting stalled on the track for thirty minutes! i gradually began to get overheated, with sweaty palms and a clammy forehead..., let's just say, claustrophobia was trying with all its might to sink in.
 so i did what any smartphone addict would do..distracted myself as best i could by editing pics on instagram and tuning out all the mumbling and near freak-outs by everyone surrounding me as we just sat there...and continued to sit there...for thirty minutes...

here's a few of those pics and some others i threw in for good measure..

{love walking by this every time we go
to see viv's dr. read the window sign..}
{making a fruit puree for viv's oatmeal. she eats better than i do}

{yikes! someone needs a haircut}

{ok, this looks like a pile of poo, i know. but its seriously
the best cookie EVER! visiting levain bakery is a must}

{channeling a little 90's grunge vibe when out shopping with mr. w}

{least favorite part about undecorating for christmas,
taking down v's boho style stocking}

{one way to reuse old metro cards}

{can't believe i passed these up..what was i thinking?!}

{there was a chip bandit loose the other night, watch out!}

{loving this book by priscilla schirer called "discerning the voice of god"}
{monkeying around}

{funky playful wallpaper in cafe lalo's bathroom}

{date night with mr. w}

{feeding herself...can't believe it..}
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