Sunday, January 6, 2013

{Christmas Amazingness}

this is long overdue..
i've finally gotten around to downloading all the christmas pictures. 

our christmas season..condensed down to 14 pictures...

{fueling up on some cheerios before the madness begins}
{is it pressie time yet mom?}
{playing with her new cell phone, she'll have to get your digits..}

{mr. w's dad and susan came out to visit the week before christmas.
it was wonderful to see them!}

{is this how i do it?}
{zingers all for me??}
{roxy wanted to help}

{roxy is begging for attention..}

{mr. w is the bestest ever and surprised us with rockette's tickets!}
{terrible shot, but you have to see them all lined up}

{rockefeller tree}

christmas with a child is the best thing ever..


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