Monday, January 14, 2013

{Motherhood Mondays...#weneedavacation}

ok, this week on motherhood monday i'm seeking out your advice.

mr. w and i are in dire need of a vaca..
some good quality time together, relaxing, no worries except for wishing that darn cloud to move out of the way of the know what i'm talking about, no schedule, no rushing to catch the train, no cell phones, emails, yadadada...

well, we originally were thinking maybe we would fly to kc, leave the babes with the grandparents and jet off somewhere exotic for a bit. only drawback is that 
a) flying to kc to drop her off/pick her up would add a good $600 to our vacation cost
b) i'm still breastfeeding so i'd have to figure out a way to leave my 'girls' in kc with her ;) ... (did i really just say that?!?! :/)
c) i don't think i'd be ready to go too far from her as it'd be our first time to ever leave her somewhere even overnight, let alone for several nights. she's always done really well with anyone and everyone (one of the perks of raising your babe in the city and always being surrounded by people) but not sure if we'd be pushing our luck leaving her with people she doesn't know too well (even tho they're fam, and i know they'd be amazing with her)

so, after realizing all that, we decided that if we go somewhere, we are going as a family. after all, the stresses we are wanting a 'getaway' from aren't caused by her in the least. if anything, i think it'd be really nice to spend time together as a family where we can just relax, play and enjoy how fun she is right now. we know we would be slightly more constricted because of her, but we can definitely have her sleep in her stroller until we get back to our room if we want to stay out later than she can stay awake. we've done that on numerous occasions and she always handles it well.

i just realized how long i've dragged this out...
i'll get to the point

here comes the q & a portion of the evening:

where to go???
we first thought maybe florida... then thought about having to rent a car, bring a carseat (we aren't used to those bad boys) and it started to not sound as fun

then maybe an all-inclusive resort in the caribbean somewhere?
get there, not have to worry about a thing, relax , soak up the sun, play in the kiddie pool, you know the drill..
we did an all inclusive in turks and caicos a few years back and thought it was lovely. we even said at the time we have to do another when we have kids. 
take a cruise??
the perk for us about this option is we could leave from right here in the city, eliminating the cost and hassle of flying to our destination. and it's the same as the resort, once you board, you have not a care in the world...relax, eat whatever whenever, soak up the sun and play in the kiddie pool. there is even one that goes to turks and caicos which would be fun. the beaches there were so so gorgeous and the water was shallow pretty far into the water which would be great fun for playing with the babes. the potential downside is that we'd be sharing one of those tiny little cabins. it's like munchkin land in there. but
what're your thoughts?
  do you have any tips/pointers for picking a vacation spot when a babe is included?
*if you can't tell, our requirements for a great vacation include the beach, the sun, and massive amounts of relaxing. no stress allowed...

i welcome your thoughts and advice, whether you're a mama or not. :)



  1. Not really a help on vacation, but how bout splitting the cost and inviting a friend along to play nanny part of the time. THey would get a vacation part of the time and so would you???

    1. oh, now that's a good idea. didn't think about that! Thanks