Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{Workout Wednesday}

read an interesting article in my health magazine this morning saying that new research shows that the most effective way of making healthy changes in your life is to add one thing at a time. once you've mastered that, then work on adding another. like say, eating a healthy breakfast every morning until it becomes just 'what you do', then add a healthy lunch or a scheduled walk/workout, and so on and so forth. that keeps you from getting overwhelmed and giving up. makes total sense to me.

thinking my new daily habit is to at least do ab exercises.

 on that note, this is what's going down in my living room today, who's with me?!

blogilates:  Fabulous Flat Abs

*warning* i might not be able to move tomorrow..stay tuned..

i've recently added a few new items from my closet
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