Monday, January 7, 2013

{Don't Eat Your Vegetables}

probably not a phrase you really ever heard as a child..
no, no..
instead of eating your veggies, how's about decorating with them, hmm?

we've all seen the way designers and (us regular peeps) use fresh fruits and veggies to help bring a pop of color and life into a space, particularly kitchens. but that's not what i'm talking about today.

here lately i've been noticing how all these buildings throughout the city are using cabbage in their flower beds for a hearty winter decor.
 i must say, i'm loving it! it's so lovely to catch any bit of color and life when walking around in the frigid cold. warms me up a bit.
it's colorful, simply gorgeous, and helps motivate us to make sure we're eating our greens! (just not these actual greens, dogs pee on them ya know...eeeeww....)

{simply stunning}

{this one is breathtaking}

{little bits here and there}

so simple and pretty, no?

would you ever use veggies as a design element in your landscaping?


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  1. A local greenhouse owner, Chuck Greeson, was recommending this a few years ago. I guess he was on the cutting edge. Great pictures Hannah.