Saturday, February 16, 2013


Here I sit in my beautiful hotel room in Chicago with an amazing view watching a movie while my entirely exhausted lil one sleeps so soundly in her borrowed crib in the foyer of the hotel room...its a Saturday night in a fun city and all I can think is how much life has changed since the last time I was here five years ago. All that Mr. W and I could think of was which top restaurant to go to and what bar had the best ambiance and best view and how excited we were to get dressed up and go out each night. Fast forward five years and I'm instead so excited to find that when the lil one and I arrived they remembered to put a crib in our room and that our bathroom has an amazing bathtub to play with her favorite animals we brought. To some it might seem as though life ends and all the fun is over once you have kids, but I find that now is when the fun and adventure have only just reached a greater level. I think of all the travels and experiences we've already had and I only get excited for more memories to be made...even the ones that have me lying in a hotel bed at 7:30pm in my pjs while the city is all dressed up with places to go and people to see so my lil one can sleep...good night Chicago.its been real.

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